Typing Of The Dead Demo Download

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Free CD GUTS -- Click below to download the fabulous Typing of the Dead demo, set to auto-run from a CD. Just unzip the file, copy the contents onto a CD and burn. The CD will auto-run a menu with a Teacher's Guide/Manual and the game demo.   The demo is free, and CD's are cheap, so it's just your time that's involved in proving a practice experience that will make you the favorite computer lab teacher.  

Or copy it onto a computer and run it from "CD_Start.exe" . It's a 2001 game and will run on most older systems; if the monitor is very old, the resolution may not be that great. It's a surprisingly effective and well-designed typing tutorial, with great scoring, and it's so much fun that kids will practice.

Read the Teacher's Guide/Manual  to get an idea of what you're getting into.

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 Watch for help un-archiving and running the CD

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