Typing Of The Dead - Teacher Manual

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How to Play Typing of the Dead

This is a Demo, and not all functions are available.

It's a 2001 game and will run on most older systems; if the monitor is very old, the resolution may not be that great.


First, Very important -- to exit the game -- from the README file:

To exit the demo, Alt-Tab out of it and then end it in the task manager (it's a console port, what do you expect? :)




When the game first starts up, you can watch a storyline intro.

To skip the intro, just click ENTER

tod main

This takes you to the main menu...

If you wait a minute or so, you'll go to a Tutorial mode, which is probably a good idea...


When you hit ENTER, you get a scrolling-style menu, with available choices of Original, Story, Drill, and Options...

See all the selections using the up and down cursor keys.


You can change the difficulty from Very Easy to Very Hard, you can add more Life and Continue options to make it easier, and you can change the Word Size from Normal to Larger.


You can also turn the Blood Effects off, tho I don't know why you'd want to.



To ensure your changes take effect, cursor down until the EXIT button is selected and in red, then press ENTER.

Even set to Very Easy, it's still a difficult tutor - whole words and series of words.




Training Mode is a good place to start..


You get to zap plenty of zombies in this mode - the game times are shorter and better for beginners.


And again, the program keeps score...


Drill checks your speed -- there are two modes available -- TYPING SPEED and Special Characters...



When you finish the drill, you get a results page...

See, this is actually a pretty good typing tutor!


Special Keys Drill -- This is a pretty hard drill and includes numbers and special keys like parenthesis, exclamations and the like...


Original Mode --


There is only one storyline available in the tutorial -- again, you can watch the storyline, or click ENTER to skip...

Gotta zap the zombies -- it's keeping score...

This is a pretty long typing test...

Note -- you don't have to capitalize the letters...


It'll give you a score page at the end, just like ordinary, boring typing tutors...