Teachers - Get The Most out of Aunt Lee Dot Com

Here at Aunt Lee Dot Com, we work hard to ensure a great at-school computer experience for your students:

·         no in-game video ads

·         very minimal ads on typing and academic games hosted onsite

·         Color scheme of the page permits teacher monitoring a computer lab to see quickly that students are on the safe Aunt Lee Arcade site.

·         When I post games, they do not run in-game video ads.  Very occasionally  a  game embedded from another site will start running ads – contact me (contact form available from every page) and let me know, and I’ll take the game down. 

·         If an inappropriate ad is running, contact me with the name of the site, and I’ll block the ad.

·         Want a custom game board for your district?  If a district-level administrator contacts me and requests it, I’ll build a board of games you select just for your school district for free, with ads, and for an annual price without ads.


·         For the best arcade experience for your students, remind them:

o   Only click Play Game

o   Don’t click “More Games” or “Walkthrough” or social media buttons; opt out of entering name for a score when possible.  Click the Back button to get back to Aunt Lee's if you accidentally go offsite.

o   Don’t click on ads when at school – but feel free to click on interesting ads when not at school.