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Download a zipped file to create an auto-running typing games CD.

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tux open source
NOTE: Be sure to check out my "Meet Tux the Penguin" Open Source Software Download! It includes Tux Typing 2, as well as Tux Paint, Tux Math,and three great Tux fun games!      

Tux Typing 2 - if you only use one, this is the best free one:


Mario Brothers - great DOS program, keeps data on each student




Stamina Typing Tutor - now freeware.

This is a good typing tutor that's fun to customize - you can add your own background picture AND, most importantly, you can add your own MP3 files and listen to music while you practice. Teens will practice longer (with fewer complaints) when they can listen to the music they like.

When you download, be sure to check out the Additions page - more sound effects, music, and pictures.


AlphaBubbles - three background choices, 4 speeds, letters only

Typing of the Dead Demo - it's kinda violent, but it's green blood zombie violent -- don't know what a school district would say about it, but I gave it to my kids at home.  Note that there are several choices in the demo --  the story, the arcade version, etc., to choose from the opening menu - it's kinda hard to see. Kids absolutely love this one.



Munky Rocket


Click on Games at the left.


The Typing Game:


GemTyper - simple, made with Game Maker
Keyboarder - made by adolescent boys for adolescent boys -- pretty fun:

Typing Racer

The menus are in Japanese, but experiment and you'll figure it out pretty quickly. Choose from letters or whole words.


I also like Keyboard Master.Demo..not as well known, as it's made in Poland.

The full version has a bunch of cool pictures that you uncover, piece by piece as you type the words correctly -- the demo, unfortunately, has a tasteful art nude as the picture. 

They sent me a different demo file with puppies & hamsters when I asked for it -- I'll be posting it here as soon as I can figure out how -- check back.

TypeStriker - whole words, made with Game Maker:


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