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new location - more games New Arcade, More Games! No In-Game Video Ads - Just Great Game Play Holiday Teachers/SchoolNerds winter holiday games
more games! zoo race jUST fOR fUN gAMES Teachers -- all the just-for-fun games on these pages are hosted on my site -- if you can see the red background, the student is on my site, where there are only fun, kid-safe games.  
more sports games age of speed halloween educational games; still fun!  
puzzle games cat balloon winter holiday games
History of Video Games Here's an instructional unit on retro video games -- play space invaders, pacman, and learn while playing!
arcade games hoops go to page 2 of games! play supertux online! Kids, ask your teacher if it's okay to play supertux today...
sports games my little bakery go to page 3 of games! educational games For Educational, Themed Games, go to the Educational Games section of the site:
card and board games beaky
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silly games fly pie
brain teaser games save the birds
page two of arcade games mario motorcross
page three of arcade games air stompers      
page four of arcade games race!      
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