Austin Children's Museum Multimedia Outreach

We've expanded our afterschool programming out to the Wired For Youth Centers in the Austin Public Libraries!

Through a Dell grant, the Children's Museum now provides hands-on computer instruction to Austin city youth; the Wired For Youth Kids' multimedia creations are on display in our online "Gallery"

Teachers, click here for lesson plans!

WFY Kids -- Enter the Summer Typing Contest!

FX Halloween

See Our Flying Bat Animations!

Fireworks over Austin Kiddie Limits

Flying Virtual Morphing

Photoshop Follies

Virtual Gingerbread House Gallery.

Exploding Cascarones for Cinco de Mayo

Our Musical Compositions!!

Our Stop-Action Dino Movies

Spooky Soundtracks


Our Multimedia Milagros!


Texas Landscapes -- Stars at Night, Bluebonnets, Armadillos

Texas Independence Day E-Card Exhibition


Songs of the Dinosaurs

Where's Wired Girl Picture Puzzles

Can You Gobble Like a Turkey? Windows Sound Effects Class!

Teachers, Click Here for Lesson Plans

Typing Contest bats