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Haunted House Soundtrack Lesson Plan

Download this zipped file of halloween sound effects:


And download this lesson plan: LESSONPLAN


music score

Kids can also open and examine full-orchestrated MIDI songs, like the theme from Psycho, or Scooby-Doo


If you've got Music Masterworks MIDI composition software, you can use these scary sound effects to make a fun haunted house -- first you create solemn organ chords, and then you insert the wav files of howling and evil laughter.

You can download a 30-day trial on their website.

The lesson plan is very detailed and teaches some basic music theory. And we all know that music can teach math and fractions and such like.

Don't forget to let kids print out their musical score -- it looks really cool and professional.



Kids learn:

  • Basics of a musical score - treble clef and bass clef;
  • How to choose notes of varying lengths;
  • How to make chords;
  • How to insert .wav files;
  • How to title the song