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Bulfinch's Mythology


"Thomas Bulfinch's study of mythology, which first appeared in 1855, is still the most popular and useful book on classical Greek mythology in English."   Johnson, Claudia Durst, and Johnson, Vernon, Understanding the Odyssey: a student's casebook, Greenwood Publishing Group, Westport, Connecticut, 2003, page 28

"Popularly known as Bulfinch's Mythology, the volume became one of the most popular books ever published in the United States and the standard work on classical mythology for nearly a century..."  Richard, Carl J., The Golden Age of the Classics in America, Harvard University Press, 2009, page 33

"The Age of Fable, better known as Bulfinch's Mythology, written by Thomas Bulfinch (1796-1867) and first published in 1855, has long been a standard fixture in American homes, schools, and libraries. New editions still appear frequently."  Miscuit utile dulci: Bulfinch's Mythology as a pedagogical prototype Classical World, Vol. 78, No. 6 (1985), page 591




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